I’m Mummy.

My name is Mummy.. to one person in the whole world, that’s my name.

IMG_2366He is 15 months old, he has been mine for 24 months, I’ve carried him, gave birth to him, fed him and I’ve cared for him every second I’ve known him. He loves me, unconditionally, I’m sure of it. There’s just one thing.. he calls me Daddy! He calls his Daddy Daddy but he has also given me that name. I know he’s speaking to me because he shouts at me when I leave the room and he shouts at me when he wants my attention. He also finds it hilarious! Also, just a side point, he can say Mumma. He has said it on a few occasions, I even have a video of it.

I was desperate as soon as he started speaking for him to say Mummy. He said Dadda first but that’s not unusual so I thought Mummy would come soon after. Everyone told me Mummy would come soon after. But it hasn’t, and now I have been renamed Daddy!

Isaac’s language skills have come on so much over the past couple of weeks. Almost every day at the moment my husband and I will notice that Isaac is saying something new or communicating something else to us. He is learning lots of new words but also other ways of communicating, such as pointing, making sounds, doing actions for certain words, and watching his ways of communicating is so interesting. His tone, volume level (!!), facial expressions are all part of his communication. We can communicate between us even though he only says a handful of words (and sounds) and he is learning how to communicate to us when he wants and needs things from us. It’s amazing watching him learn and how happy he is when he points at something and says the right word.

To other people, what he says may not always sound like words and his actions may not always make sense, but to my husband and I we know “dool” is ball (his favourite thing), “duh” is dog (his second favourite thing), and now it’s appears Daddy is me! Or his Daddy.


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